• Dr. Low Hun Seng

Growell Leaning & Coaching

Updated: Feb 26, 2018

Growell Learning & Coaching PLT, an approved HRDF training provider, was set up in early 2018 to help meet our Mission and Vision to help grow people especially leaders in their ranks and capabilities. Our mission is “Developing tomorrow’s leaders today!” targeting organizations to develop their future leaders.

We believe that businesses can grow only when their Leaders grow. A great leader is one who leads the company and its people to greater heights. John Maxwell sums it up well, “Leaders can be developed!”.

Transformation is an “inside out job” and no one can change anyone. The person must make a conscious choice to change in the first place and to do the work involved. Our role is to facilitate the change by providing the leaders with new insights to seeing their roles and providing the coaching to help the person to move towards becoming better leaders.

We know that reading about leadership concepts and principles does not necessarily make us better leaders. Often, we need to practice and implement what we learned. This is where a good coach can often guide and accelerate the process.

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