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Strategic Business Consulting Services

Growell is a young and dynamic Firm, offering value based custom-crafted 'one stop' solution for Strategic Business Consulting Solutions to meet the needs of a selected group of clients in diverse industries.


We believe that our service levels are unrivaled in our industry, we have a passion for what we do and we are committed to providing best Strategic Business Consulting Solutions. Thus making us a partner of choice for most successful companies.

Employing some of the best consultants, all experts within their respective fields, our consultants are experienced and well-trained to the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure they deliver effective and innovative solutions tailored to your precise business needs at all times.

If you have problems getting your business to achieve your desired performance, it could be finding the right business model, right business strategy or right policies for your business.


Do you need help to see more clearly what you need to do, call or write to us for a free consultation.

Coaching Services

Growell provides Corporate and Executive Coaching Services to a wide range of clients.

Group Coaching to bring alignment to a group of people.

1 on 1 Corporate or Executive Coaching to help individuals to grow and transform.  


We offer a highly custom-made approach tailored to each individual client. We work with clients to help them attain the professional and personal growth they're striving for.


Transformation is an “inside out job” and no one can change anyone. Often times, you may not know what to do and here is where a good Coach can help you to get there.  


We normally start with a preliminary meeting to determine whether there is chemistry and match between the Client and Coach. We believe this is an important foundation to our coaching success.


Thereafter, we work to clearly define client's short and long term goals, everything from personality styles, leadership styles, values, motivations, communication skills to personal acceptance.


We believe that one of the main key area in coaching is to work on the observable aspects, namely the behaviors. For this, we use 360 Degree Interviews and Feedback Surveys to provide relevant data as a foundation for our work. 


Our Corporate and Executive Coaches can help you in the following areas:-


  • Leadership Development

  • People & Relationship Building Skills 

  • Personal Growth

  • Presentation and Communication Skills

  • Confidence & Personal Power

  • Inner Peace & Achieving Balance

  • Performance Management & Productivity 

  • Sales Coaching

  • Lean Processes and Practices



Please enquire about our Coaching Packages to best meet your needs.

Organizational Wellness - Employee Engagement

Do you know …..

- what makes your Organization great and makes it tick?

- the Culture in your Organization and its impact on your Bottom-Line?

- that the lack of trust amongst your people in an organization can erode your profits more than your competition?

- that continuous conflict in the workplace can impact your bottom line?

- that poor communication and employee morale won’t kill the organization but it will certainly hurt your bottom-line?


How can you find the right answers to all these questions?

We use an on line 360 Org Employee Engagement Survey, created by Workplace Stars Inc, USA. The instrument is designed to measure a variety of components ranging from employees' sentiment on things such as passion and pride – how passionate employees are about their work, how proud they are to tell people where they work, whether they believe in the mission of the organization, and do they feel their work is valued and their talents are well utilized.

Why do Engagement Survey?

According to numerous research studies, the measure of how emotionally committed employees are to an organization and its goals can have a direct correlation to that organization’s profitability.


Benefits of doing Engagement Survey using ORG 360 Survey?

  • Identify Potential Strengths and Areas For Improvement

  • Discover Opportunities For Improvement

  • Uncover Processes for Improvement AND inspire greater performance

  • Align Staff To Organization’s Goals And Objectives

  • Measure The Morale Of The Organization

How engagement impacts result?

Over the past 35 years, research has shown that high levels of Employee Engagement  combined with high levels of Employee Enablement, can translate into organisations achieving significantly improved results.


How Engaged are your Employees?

  • Not-Engaged?

  • Engaged?

  • Actively Engaged?


It is important for organizations to survey the level of engagment of their employees on a regular basis. The Org 360 Survey involves employees completing a set of questions on line.

What ORG 360 Survey can do for you?

Find out how effective is the Organization in achieving market success and protecting the well-being of your people! [STEWARDSHIP]


Find out how genuine is the commitment of your employees to create a positive service experience for your internal and external customers? [ SERVICE LEVEL]


Find out whether conditions are in place to encourage employees to learn and put forth the effort needed to exceed expectations. [ ENGAGEMENT]


Call us for a consultation on how the Workstar Org 360 Survey can help you determine your Organization DNA to drive business profitability!

Why Corporate Coaching?

Marshall Goldsmith’s believes that “what got you here, won’t get you where you want to go.” 


Often, people tend to do things unconsciously and yet expect a different set of outcomes. Einstein, the great scientist, would say that this is the definition of insanity. Yet, how can we overcome this state of being? 


Change is never easy! Changing old habits and behaviors are never easy. Often people rather die than give up their old ways of thinking. 


However, with a Corporate Coach to work with, it is possible to help Executives become more confident and better leaders. It will prepare them for bigger roles and higher level of responsibilities. 


To change is one of the biggest challenge for anybody. Growell has the right tools and proven methodology to bring about real lasting changes.


Contact us to find out more.